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"Building Capacity for Highly Effective Leaders & Organizations."
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Watch for the Clergy Column in the Whittier Daily News for Friday September 21, 2012


Whittier, CA

Rev. Deborah Pacheco, Co-Pastor of First Christian Church International (FCCI Ministries), Whittier, CA has written a riveting column addressing the "Power of Agreement" in prayer.

Pastor Deborah shares her experiences in her personal prayer life as well as encouraging other Believers to trust in God through their own personal faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Jesus intercedes for us before the throne of grace.

We encourage you to pick up this week's Whittier Daily News (9/14), which features a column by Pastor John Ploog from Calvary Baptist Church (uptown Whittier), and next week's Whittier Daily News Clergy Column by Pastor Deborah Pacheco, who has been in the ministry with her husband for many years, The Rev. Dr. Ralph Pacheco, Senior Pastor of FCCI Ministries (Whittier, CA).

Pictured: Brenda Wiewel, 2012 Patriot of the Year
receives Patriot Medallion Medal & Eagle Patriot
(Trophy) from Patriot Award Co-Host, Deborah Pacheco
Whittier, CA
"It was a memorable event!" says, Essi Berregon, volunteer for the 2012 9th Annual Patriot's Award Breakfast & Charity Banquet (A 9/11 Memorial Observance Event).  It was Essi's first year participating in the 9/11 event. Essi stated, "I wish my children could have witnessed this event today. Our children need to know what it is to be Patriots."
It was a beautiful Saturday morning (9/8) when over 200 people from the greater Whittier area gathered to participate in the 9th Annual Patriot's Award Breakfast. The list of dignitaries and community leaders was quite lengthy. Among the guests were; County Supervisor Don Knabe, L.A. County Fire Chief P. Michael Freeman (Ret.) and his wife Cathy, Whittier Mayor pro tem Bob Henderson and his wife Dr. Judith Henderson, Whittier Council member Cathy Warner and Joe Vinatieri, Whittier Union HSD Sandy Thorstenson, Whittier Union HSD Trustees (Board President) Timothy Schneider and Russell Castenada Calleros, Norwalk Council member Leonard Shryock, Norwalk-La Mirada School Board President Darryl Adams, Rio Hondo College Trustee Gary Mendez, Community Leader Ruth B. Shannon (E.L. Shannon Family Foundation), Liz Mendia (Exec. Dir. Whittier Rio Hondo Aids Project), Rev. Jim Ortiz (President, Whittier Area Evangelical Ministerial Alliance WAEMA), Sam Guyan (2012 Whittier Co. Citizen of the Year), 
Our 2012 Patriot Awardees are a distinguished group of community activists. Brenda Wiewel, our Patriot of the Year, for the past 13 years serves as the Executive Director for the Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse (main office in Santa Fe Springs, CA). Selma Minerd, a leader in the Whittier Republican Women Federated for 38 years, and a community volunteer in other Civic organizations in the Whittier area.  Rev. Joe Enriquez, pastoral leader of the Point Man International Ministries (Whittier, CA) whose group meets in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Pastor Joe spends much of his ministry time serving U.S. Military Veterans, and assists many with their needs at the Veterans Administration (V.A.) Hospital in Long Beach, CA. Korean Combat Veteran Jesse M. Luera, our 2012 Special Veteran's Award Patriot (only given once before), for his service in the United States marine Corp (U.S.M.C.) Jesse M. Luera received many battle ribbons and 2 purple hearts in the Korean Conflict. Jesse Luera also has been a community leader for 35 years in the city of Norwalk, serving for 19 years on the Norwalk-la Mirada School Board and 16 years on the Norwalk City Council, Jesse also serves for 19 years as the Director of Social Services for the city of Norwalk before being elected to the Norwalk City Council.
"We are so pleased with this year's turn out and the beautiful community spirit that was on display from all in attendance at the Patriot's 9/11 event this year. We had such a diverse representation from the entire community; Church leaders, Veterans, First Responders, Community/Civic volunteers, Educators, Municipal leaders, County Leaders... It was a fantastic grouping of community interests under one roof... All of those in attendance to pay their memorial observance of those who lost their lives on 9/11/01 and to celebrate our collective patrtiotism by recognizing a group of 4 unsung heroes from our community who represent the best in community, humanitarian, and national service." Says Dr. Ralph & Deborah Pacheco, Co-Founders & Hosts of the Patriot's Award Breakfast & Charity Banquet, a 9/11 Memorial Observance event.
Part of the proceeds from the breakfast event go to support the LC Foundation's Whittier College Interns Program, now into its 2nd year. "We thoroughly enjoy the Foundation's collaboration with Whittier College in giving its students a real hands on experience in community engagement and project management through the Foundation's community work and projects." says LC Foundation President & CEO Dr. Ralph Pacheco. "One of our 2012 Interns Alyssa Barrios, a Senior at Whittier College, served on the 2012 Patriot's Award Planning Committee, and was instrumental in its preparation for the event for this 9/11 season. I wish to acknowledge Alyssa's invaluable assistance to the Foundation for her work on this Whittier based community project." Says Dr. Pacheco.
The LC Foundation is already making plans for the 2013 Patriot's event to be held once again at the Whittier Rio Hondo American Red Cross "Grand Ballroom" venue.  For more information regarding the work of the LC Foundation, please call our corporate offices: 562 945 9600. The LC Foundation is a Public Benefit Not for Profit CA Organization.
Thank you to all of our 2012 Patriot Planning Committee Members, Volunteers, Vendors, and Sponsors that made this event possible this year.

Monday, August 20, 2012

New  "Core Curriculum" Text Book
Being Launced

November, 2012

"Mexican Men Chronicles"

By:  Nicolas M. Retana, Ph.D.

Madera, California

  We are pleased to announce the Launcing of the newly published Book of Poetry
"Mexican Men Chronicles" by Nicolas M. Retana, Ph.D. in November, 2012. Stay Tuned!

This book is in production and is a Trailblazing work by Poet & Educator Dr. Nicolas M. Retana to address the needs of "Core Curriculum" based standards  soon to be implemented Nationwide!

"I have written a book of poetry with lessons plans tied to the new Core Curriculum being implemented nationwide," states Dr. Retana. "It is the first of its kind on the market in the United States."  "We anticipate this new supplemental textbook material will be used in high school english classrooms across the country" says Dr. Retana;

 "It will particularly encourage and interest high school Latino boys* everywhere to engage in the joy of reading and help them further develop their critical thinking & language art skills in the process."

(* Nationwide, Latino boys are one of the lowest acheiving segments of students in their development of language art skills and proficiency.)

Educators from around the country who have read previews of the new poetry book are giving it high praise! (See the website).

Pre-sale copies of this book geared for use at the High School level [Eng. Lit.] meets all the standards set forth in the new National "Core Curriculum" requirements.  Dr. Ralph Pacheco (Governing Board Member, Whittier Union High School District, California) states, "I have read some of the poems by Dr. Retana. They are poignant and passionate, they capture what it was like growing up as a Latino male in the United States in the 1940's and 50's. It is reminiscent of some of the stories told by John Steinbeck but in poetic prose."

You may read more about this New Book and pre-order copies for your classroom at:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coming Soon ... 9th Annual Patriot's Award Breakfast & Charity Banquet, a 9/11 Memorial Event


Whittier, CA

Saturday, September 8th, 2012 marks the 9th Annual Patriot's Award Breakfast & Charity Banquet. Location will be the "Grand Ballroom" at the Whittier Rio Hondo American Red Cross Building on the corner of Baily and Friends in Uptown Whittier. This will be the 3rd year that the American Red Cross will be our hosts for this "9/11 Memorial Event", says Dr. Ralph Pacheco, CEO of the LC Foundation, Inc. and Co-host of the Memorial Event.

"We shall once again set aside this morning to remember the sacrifices made on 9/11/01. The First Responders and others who lost their lives on this tragic day 11 years ago."

For the past 8 years, Dr. & Mrs. Pacheco have led a Committee of distinguished citizens who plan this annual event, which includes the selection of deserving individuals from the Whittier area who have demonstrated their, "Love of God, Country, and Neighbor through Community, Humanitarian, or National service."

We have confirmed the acceptance of this "Patriot's Award" from the following individuals nominated for the 2012 Patriot's Award: Our 2012 Patriot of the Year is Brenda Wiewel (LA CADA), Joe Enriquez (Point Man Ministries), Selma Minard (Whittier Republican Women), and Jesse M. Luera (Special Veteran's Award).

The Event will start at the American Red Cross Grand Ballroom at 8:00 A.M. Doors open and there is Check-In. The Program starts promptly at 8:30 A.M. and all Banquet Program activities shall be completed by 10:30 A.M.


The Quarry Worship (Ministries) shall be performing again this year, providing the Live Music for the event. They shall provide musical entertainment during the opening of the event and special music during recognition of the Patriot of the Year.

Honorary Chairperson of the 2012 Patriot's Banquet: Cathy Warner, Whittier City Council will be providing the official "Welcoming" address to the Banquet participants. Pastor Charles Woody, a member of the 2012 Patriot;s Award Planning Committee, shall give the Invocation for the event.

There shall be a few surprises during the course of the morning's program.

Tickets: $ 20.00 each (pre-sale), $25.00 at the door. Tickets are available by calling (562) 233-7236. Businesses who would like to advertise in the "Full Color" Banquet Program can call for quotes and make arrangements for submitting their display ads.

Reserve Tickets On-Line at:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

2012 California Superintendent of the Year & California Teacher of the Year from Whittier, CA

Whittier, CA

It has been announced recently that the 2012 ACSA Superintendent of the Year is Sandra Sanchez Thorstenson of the Whittier Union High School District.

LC Foundation Founder Dr. Ralph Pacheco hired Sandra Thorstenson as Superintendent along with his fellow colleagues on the Governing Board of the Whittier Union High School District 9 years ago.

Dr. Pacheco states, "We set in motion one of the extraordinary feats in K-12 education here in California... An entire school district, "all schools", experiencing sustained Academic Improvement (API Score increases) every year for 9 consecutive years!" Dr. Pacheco continues, "When you look at our demographics; 80% economically disadvantaged ethnically diverse students who are defying the odds! We have a belief in Whittier Union HSD that 'Demographics does not determine Destiny!' Every educator in Whittier Union HSD makes it their goal to deliver the promise for every student in our school district. We are not making excuses, we are continually raising the bar for our students to function at optimum performance -- every day!"

It is a remarkable record of accoomplishment... Teachers and Administrators are all engaged in providing a learning environment on all of our school campuses... It is total! We've established an organization who believes that we shall do "Whatever it Takes" to get results. Failure is not an option. The Schools have adopted a "pyramid of interventions" that ensures that every underperforming student is identified early and immediately receives required interventions that will assist the student in acheiving greater success than they have been experiencing; Improvement is not an option... It is mandatory for every student.

It is understood that the School District will provide whatever resource is necessary to assist and provide for student success... Students understand and respect this commitment to their success and have responded in a powerful and dynamic way. Students know that teachers genuinely care about their success and are instilled with "hope & optimism."

It starts with an outstanding Governance Team; 5 dedicated Governing Board Members and an educational leader at the helm leading the way -- That person is Whittier Union's Superintendent Sandra Sanchez Thorstenson (California Superintendent of the Year). She has led the way for past 9 years and continues to "raise the bar" not only for the student body but with every employee in the organization... A truly great accomplshment! These accomplsihments are shared by fully engaged Administrators, Teachers, Classified Employees, Parent and Volunteer leaders who assist with student support each day on Whittier Union HSD campuses. Whittier's business community has also been very instrumental in assisting in this process... It has truly been a collaborative process.

Ken LaVigne, 2012 California Teacher of the Year at La Serna High School is an outstanding example of quality instruction and commitment to Whittier's students. hundreds of success stories have been recorded by Ken's students over the years. It is one of hundreds of teachers equally committed to assisiting in the success of their students in the Whittier Union HSD.

It is a time to celebrate Whittier Union High School District's recognition for excellence... It is also a time to recognize that all glory is fleating and we must continue the good work and build on its prior successes. It is not a time for Whittier Union HSD to sit on its laurels, but a time to acknowledge excellence in our midst and strive to increase expectations ... The successes must be sustainable through a continued effort and emphasis on providing excellence inside and outside of the classroom.

California Teacher of the Year Ken Lavigne states it best, "We are called to provide our students with classroom instruction, but more importantly we are committed to coaching their souls."

We agree, "coaching the soul will last a lifetime!"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LC Foundation at Whittier College Internship & Career Fair

(Pictured: center Dr. Yolanda Aguerrebere with students.)

It was a rainy morning when LC Foundation CEO Dr. Ralph Pacheco and Dr. Yolanda Aguerrebere, (LC Foundation --Lead Consultant-- Education Services Division), arrived at the Whittier College campus. The staff at the college was gracious in giving them both a ride on their (golf) cart to Villalobos Hall where the 2011 Whittier College Internship & Career Fair was being held on October 5, 2011.

The Villalobos Hall at Whittier College was buzzing with activity as the Agencies and Organizations seeking Interns and providing career opportunities set up their displays for the College Fair. The FBI, U.S. Customs & Border Patrol, U.S. Congresswoman Linda Sanchez Office, Nordstroms, and many other Community based organizations and public agencies about 25 in all.

The LC Foundation was there to offer an opportunity for "4" Internships with the Foundation, 2 upper classmen positions and 2 lower classman positions; 2- Community Liaison Specialist positions, and 2- Administrative Interns respectively were showcased at the Intern Fair.

There was great interest expressed by the Wet but enthusiastic Whittier College students. In all, "41" Whittier College students signed up expressing further interest in participating in the "Internship Program" being offered to Whittier College students.

There are a variety of projects and programs that the LC Foundation is involved with in the Whittier community for students to assist and receive"first hand" experience in Project Management.

For further infomation about our Internship program please call 562 946 1410 and ask for Dr. Yolanda Aguerrebere.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Watch for Clergy Column, Deborah Pacheco being featured in the Whittier Daily News - Friday, September 30th, 2011

Whittier, CA

Deborah Pacheco, Co-Founder of the LC Foundation, Inc. (2008) and Co-Founder of First Christian Church International (2002) will be featured in the Whittier Daily News "Clergy Forum" on September 30, 2011.

The Clergy Forum is a featured column in each Friday issue of the Whittier Daily News. This Friday's column is the first submission of Pastor Deborah Pacheco, her topic will be on her obeservations about the "Praying Grandmas" in the Church.

Praying Grandmas are the backbone of every church ..." Says Deborah Pacheco. Watch for her column in tomorrow's newspaper.